Welfare technology

Sensio provides welfare technology and home automation solutions. By providing a complete, seamless and flexible technical infrastructure, Sensio manages the entire flow from sensory- and IoT devices to the user interface. Sensio’s welfare technology solutions enable efficient and effective workflows for both formal and informal caretakers to free up resources to meet the challenge of an ageing population.

We believe that all municipalities are served by a holistic approach to welfare technology in the municipality – across institutions and housing.
Sensio develops solutions for the health and elderly care sector, which is in line with the recommendations and frameworks provided by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Sensio believes that user-driven development, hand in hand with service innovation, provides the best solutions. All of our solutions are developed in close collaboration with actual users, and we strive to provide solutions that meet identified needs which contribute to increased quality of life for users and more efficient services for service providers.

Sensio provides a common platform for welfare technology that ensures comprehensive solutions and appropriate information flow across municipal services and systems. The platform ensures that equipment, concepts and expertise can be reused and seen in context. Common tools and operating concepts ensure good cost/benefit and scalability. The value of our platform is greatest when it can be part of a larger ecosystem, and our basic attitude is therefore that we want to be open to exchanging signals, information and data with other systems. Therefore, our systems are based on open standards, and our platform is built to communicate with other systems, as far as we are able to do so and as long as security and privacy are taken care of. This contributes to simpler integration with professional systems, emergency services or other players. By using recognized standards for integration, products from different suppliers are made available. Not being bound to a single technology or supplier, our platform provides the opportunity to adopt new solutions for welfare technology as they develop in the market. At the same time, we recognize that technology only is a part of the total solution. The most comprehensive part of the solutions is about the organization, competence building and restructuring. Service and role design are essential factors for extracting the potential of technology.

The Sensio Unity platform is the centrepiece for combining the various service applications provided by Sensio. Based on Sensio Unity the portfolio consists of solutions from Home automation to automation of Health building and welfare- and assisting technology at home and in institutions.